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Unlawful Detainer/Eviction

Our office has an Unlawful Detainer Assistance that is bonded and registered in Tuolumne County.

An Unlawful Detainer Assistant (UDA) is a person or entity that provides  assistance in unlawful detainer proceedings for monetary compensation.  Our office can help prepare documents necessary in the prosecution or defense of an unlawful detainer claim or action.  UDAs are non-lawyers who are in business to provide assistance to landlords or tenants on unlawful detainer issues.

Our UDA can provide assistance in such matters in any county in the State of California, subject to the client providing local forms for counties other than Tuolumne or Calaveras Counties.

Unlawful Detainer Assistant:

Tyler A. Bland, Tuolumne County Reg. #1055-003

43 N. Washington St.
Sonora, CA 95370

Tel: 209-588-0501
Fax: 209-588-0503

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